Launching your medical devices successfully to market in the shortest possible time


Only a comprehensive solution to the market, the technology and the combined finances ensures the success of your business idea.

We are specialized in medical devices. Our experience, contacts and network partners guarantee an efficient, rapid and smooth design, approval and product launching of your ideas. In order to fullfill the market requirements, implement your idea technically and meet financial requirements you need experience and expertise in these fields:

Market as a benchmark for technical solutions and financial expenses. The medical market is a regulated area with the most highest requirements in terms of safety, quality and efficacy. Therefore technical solutions and financial success are not only based on the requirements of different users, cost carriers and patients but also on statuatory legal and regulatory requirements for your medical device.

Technology for a market oriented and economic development of your medical product.

Finance as a leeway for the technical implementation and market development. 

During the implementation of your idea you always have to move between these specific fields - which influence and supplement each other.

Your advantage:
ascendi MEDIZINTECHNIK does not only offer its expertise and experience in those seperate fields, but combines the required expertise to a unified whole. We provide comprehensive interdisciplinary solutions for an efficient and rapid market-entry of your medical device.

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