Information about the market situation, development potential and trends


Market information as a basis of your product development.

Before being able to implement your idea, you need basic information that provide you with an estimate of potential sales opportunities, necessary expenses, possible resistances and  the time frame until you are able to lunch our product.

Through our experience with medical products, we are able to provide you with the information and answers, which you need in order to  assess the marketability of your product idea.

In addition to our network partners, we have access to scientific databases, investigate for you in international patent databases, professional journals or carry out direct interviews.

We support you in

  • Evaluation of the marketability of your idea.
  • Procurement of information on market conditions, customer needs and market opportunities.
  • Positioning your medical product in relation to competitors and target groups.
  • Business plan development; our customers include winners of business plan competitions in Bavaria and Germany.


On top of all economic activites there is the market view. [more...]


The technical implementation requires clear development targets and efficient organizational structures. [more...]


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